Monday, April 11, 2011

::Canadian Goose Nesting Box

So over the last month we have had an assortment of different birds landing on our pond. We have had Canadian geese, wood ducks, mallards and others. It is always exciting to see them and everytime we hope one pair will stay and nest. We haven't had any successful takers, that is until this year... Joey decided he would make a goose/duck nesting box. The first picture is a little fuzzy because I had to secretly take a picture of him making it! ;) He isn't big on posing for my every picture whim that comes at him! Within two weeks of Joey putting it out in the middle of our pond a pair of Canadians decided to call it their own. Trigger has even accepted them and doesn't try to run them off like he does the Blue Herons that land. Much to our surprise the first egg showed up a week ago. Unfortunately even from our high deck we rarely have an opportunity to see inside the nest. Only if the wind gets it turning just right. We are a little concerned about the recent hail we had and are hoping she was sitting on the nest when the hail hit. They've been acting a little unsual the last few days going and coming a little more than what had been normal over the past week. Guess we will see what happens...


  1. How cool-great job on the nesting box Joe!! I love watching birds nest! If she laid the 1st egg a week ago, a clutch typically has about 5, so she wouldn't officially sit until about 5-6 days later -- possibly even later if a couple eggs ended up broken from the hail. Well, you should know in about 28-30 days from the time she starts setting if they are going to hatch...will love to see those pics. I love that geese mate for life...such a neat bird.

  2. I know this is an old post about the goose nesting box, but I'm wondering what type of wood was used and also what is under the platform that is allowing it to float?