Monday, December 20, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

::Rodeo Time

Joe and I took Addi to her first rodeo last weekend! She had so much fun and even got to sit on a horse!

Addi and Grandma!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

::Family Fish Time

A few weeks ago we took Addi fishing for the first time. She enjoyed the wagon ride there, watching Daddy fish, throwing rocks and sticks in the water where Daddy was fishing, but didn't want to touch the worms or fish yet. I found that very surprising as she loves getting dirty and being outdoors! I don't think it will take her long though!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

::Puppies Looking for a Home

My in-laws got a surprise a few weeks ago...PUPPIES! These six cute little puppies are just a few weeks old but will be needing a new home in a few more weeks. Their Mommy is a full size collie and Daddy is an English Setter, both very sweet parents. There are three males and three females. Three are all white with a patch over one eye and the other three are marked more like their collie mom.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

::Honoring Our Veterans

Over the years Memorial Day for me has changed. When I was young I always associated Memorial Day with a day off from school which my family always spent camping for the weekend. As I have gotten older this day has come to have a lot more meaning for me. I've come to learn what this day is really suppose to mean to us as a country and this year it had even more meaning for my family. My 91 year old Grandpa, Alvin Schnoebelen, was honored in a ceremony Monday at Veterans Trail where his service to our country was acknowledged by Major General Sentman and he was given a certificate by Colonel McGinley. Here a portion of the trail is dedicated in his name, along with six other well deserving veterans. Nearly our entire family was able to attend and celebrate with him. These honorees that meet certain criteria are nominated by the public and then go through a selection process.

A few years ago at Christmas Grandpa gave all of us copies of his memories and experiences of WWII. It was extremely interesting and made us all realize how lucky we were that he survived and started the roots that have now expanded into our current families. Grandpa survived being involved in both the European and Pacific Theaters during WWII. He served on an ammunition carrier as a Third Class Radarman, very new technology at the time and of which they didn't have at the beginning of the war. His ship was hit by a Japanese Kamikaze single-manned submarine. There is no explanation as to why the ship didn't explode since it was carrying 4,500 tons of ammunition and around 48,000 rounds of shells. Although the ship was severely damaged it did not completely sink. It was the only ship during WWII to wear a purple heart on her mast until the end of the war.

My grandfather is the kindest, most gentle man I have ever known and we are all very proud of the service he has done for our country, helping to ensure our freedoms. He has and continues to lead a very honorable life and has even been able to meet his great-grandchildren. Quite awhile ago Joe and I decided that if we ever become blessed with a little boy Alvin will be his middle name.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

::Summer Time

Summer time is finally here and all the activities that come with it. Addi has been enjoying her pool and new experiences of ice cream cones and popsicles!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

::It's Zoo Time Again...

Last Sunday we decided to take Addi to the zoo for the first time this year. She enjoyed much more this time than she did of last year when she slept through half of it!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

::You Never Know What You'll Come Home With!

Today was the Burlington Flea Market again. Once a month the Aring family goes and sees what loot they can find. I was able to find an awesome metal pie plate to display in my future kitchen someday. :) Then bought 18 wave petunias! Finally, I found some really great stuff I got to add to my scrapbooking stash! Sneaky Joe decided to buy Addi a baby bunny when I wasn't looking! I have to admit I wasn't overly excited because I know who will be taking care of it... Addi was interested in her for a short while, but then went back to playing with her balloons!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

::Joe's Bird

Two weeks ago on my birthday Joe shot his first turkey of the year. I've been wanting to get this posted, but Joe left my SD card at Paul's and kept forgetting to get it back. But here he is...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

::A Week in our Life - Day Seven (4/25/10)

8:10am Again Addi let us sleep in this morning. Love it! (Although I remember a day when 8am was not sleeping in! Oh how far we've come!) The three of us watched some CMT for a little while then time to get busy. Joe went out to help Lance borrow something, then he came back in to feed Addi breakfast. I cleaned the bathroom and then got ready. As I was in the bathroom the window blind broke and I yelled to Joe we were going to Menards.

10am Off to Menards to pick up a new shade for the window and a few other needed things.

11:30am We stop to look at a few vehicles and then stop at Hungry Hobo for lunch.

1:00pm Back to work on the laundry and organizing the house while Addi looks at her books. Grandma K calls and wants to come over and play with Addi because she hasn't seen her since last Saturday. Grandma K and Addi do a lot of playing and put new batteries in Addi's Easter bunny that sings, hops and dances. (Can't say I've missed that!) Addi had fun dancing along! She is also insistent that she must wear her rainbow necklace all day!

3:00pm Get signed up for my deer tags for next season! Already excited!

3:15pm Start making plans for supper while Joe is at Chucks helping with the remodeling of his house. Marinade t-bone steaks, stuffed mushrooms (our favorite), rolls, cheesy broccoli, rice and banana pudding is on the menu. Joe finally gets home a while later and we get supper put together. Then we both pick up the leftovers and get them put away.

7:00pm Time for another bath for Addi. I couldn't get her clothes off fast enough for her. She still had on a diaper and onesie as she tried to crawl over the side of the tub. I think she could do it if I let her keep going.

...She has her necklace back on before I can even get her dried off!

8pm She's ready for bed and goes down for the night.

9:00pm Take a shower and then finish cleaning up the kitchen before finally heading to bed. Joe and I spend some time together watching TV.

Monday, April 26, 2010

::A Week in our Life - Day Six (4/24/10)

8:00am Addi let me sleep in this morning, love these mornings they are much more rare! Addi and I play and watch a few music videos on CMT and then eat breakfast. Then it is off to begin cleaning the house. Addi has recently discovered our blanket rack makes an awesome fort!

9:30am I throw in some laundry and begin picking up and organizing the house.

...Addi finds my pile of (dirty) whites and decides that it looks like fun.

...Then she decides to do some cleaning herself and got the Swiffer out, all awhile adorning her laundry outfit!

Afternoon Addi and I eat lunch and then I continue to work on the house and laundry. Addi gets tired but doesn't take much of a nap.

4:30 A friend from work comes over and we head to a retirement party in Muscatine. Joey stays home with Addi. The party was fun and got to see a lot of the older retirees from previous years.

5:30 We head back home in the pouring rain and stop for gas. When I finally make it home I discover that Addi has emptied two of her dresser drawers, so much for her room being clean. She brought Joe her pink deer outfit from Grandpa and Grandma Hermann so he put it on her. the feet!

...Addi and I play around for awhile.

8:00pm Start getting Addi ready for bed. Then later Joe and I have some quiet time before deciding we are both exhausted and head for bed.