Wednesday, April 28, 2010

::Joe's Bird

Two weeks ago on my birthday Joe shot his first turkey of the year. I've been wanting to get this posted, but Joe left my SD card at Paul's and kept forgetting to get it back. But here he is...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

::A Week in our Life - Day Seven (4/25/10)

8:10am Again Addi let us sleep in this morning. Love it! (Although I remember a day when 8am was not sleeping in! Oh how far we've come!) The three of us watched some CMT for a little while then time to get busy. Joe went out to help Lance borrow something, then he came back in to feed Addi breakfast. I cleaned the bathroom and then got ready. As I was in the bathroom the window blind broke and I yelled to Joe we were going to Menards.

10am Off to Menards to pick up a new shade for the window and a few other needed things.

11:30am We stop to look at a few vehicles and then stop at Hungry Hobo for lunch.

1:00pm Back to work on the laundry and organizing the house while Addi looks at her books. Grandma K calls and wants to come over and play with Addi because she hasn't seen her since last Saturday. Grandma K and Addi do a lot of playing and put new batteries in Addi's Easter bunny that sings, hops and dances. (Can't say I've missed that!) Addi had fun dancing along! She is also insistent that she must wear her rainbow necklace all day!

3:00pm Get signed up for my deer tags for next season! Already excited!

3:15pm Start making plans for supper while Joe is at Chucks helping with the remodeling of his house. Marinade t-bone steaks, stuffed mushrooms (our favorite), rolls, cheesy broccoli, rice and banana pudding is on the menu. Joe finally gets home a while later and we get supper put together. Then we both pick up the leftovers and get them put away.

7:00pm Time for another bath for Addi. I couldn't get her clothes off fast enough for her. She still had on a diaper and onesie as she tried to crawl over the side of the tub. I think she could do it if I let her keep going.

...She has her necklace back on before I can even get her dried off!

8pm She's ready for bed and goes down for the night.

9:00pm Take a shower and then finish cleaning up the kitchen before finally heading to bed. Joe and I spend some time together watching TV.

Monday, April 26, 2010

::A Week in our Life - Day Six (4/24/10)

8:00am Addi let me sleep in this morning, love these mornings they are much more rare! Addi and I play and watch a few music videos on CMT and then eat breakfast. Then it is off to begin cleaning the house. Addi has recently discovered our blanket rack makes an awesome fort!

9:30am I throw in some laundry and begin picking up and organizing the house.

...Addi finds my pile of (dirty) whites and decides that it looks like fun.

...Then she decides to do some cleaning herself and got the Swiffer out, all awhile adorning her laundry outfit!

Afternoon Addi and I eat lunch and then I continue to work on the house and laundry. Addi gets tired but doesn't take much of a nap.

4:30 A friend from work comes over and we head to a retirement party in Muscatine. Joey stays home with Addi. The party was fun and got to see a lot of the older retirees from previous years.

5:30 We head back home in the pouring rain and stop for gas. When I finally make it home I discover that Addi has emptied two of her dresser drawers, so much for her room being clean. She brought Joe her pink deer outfit from Grandpa and Grandma Hermann so he put it on her. the feet!

...Addi and I play around for awhile.

8:00pm Start getting Addi ready for bed. Then later Joe and I have some quiet time before deciding we are both exhausted and head for bed.

::A Week in our Life - Day Five (4/23/10)

(Ok I know I'm behind, but I promise to get caught back up and finish this challenge!)

6:00am Got up and started getting ready. Addi woke up a little early this morning and was crying when I went in to get her. (Joey was already gone Turkey hunting with Jeffrey.)

...Addi's crazy morning hair!

...A quick picture of us before heading out the door.

6:50am We're out the door and on our way to Robyn's house. Addi brought along her singing Donkey for show and tell today with the kids. (I'm sure Robyn will appreciate hearing that all day long!)

7:35 Made it to work and ready to begin another busy day of supervising hallways before school, finishing the paperwork for two IEPs, going over current events, checking homework, going over notes, supervising mischief, and creating/playing review baseball for next Tuesday's test. (plus all the little things I can fit in between)

4:10 Pick up Addi and head home. We play until Joey gets home. Then we decide on Benny's pizza for supper, yum! (no cooking for me - double bonus!) I picked up the pizza after fighting a crowd both in the parking lot and inside. (Thought I had taken a picture of the pizza, but hadn't. I was really bad today with pictures.)

7:00 Get Addi ready for bed and we play for awhile longer. Then she wonders over to a box we were going to throw out and tries to crawl inside.

...when she starts cuddling with her bunny it is time for bed

8:30 Addi is finally in bed and Joey and I have some quiet time watching TV before eventually heading to bed ourselves.

Friday, April 23, 2010

::A Week in our Life - Day Four (4/22/10)

6:10 Up and moving, Addi wakes up and Joe gets up with her so I can finish getting ready. A quick breakfast and we are off.

...Besides Addi and her diaper bag, I grab my purse, ice water for the day and phone on the way out the door to drop her off.

7:45 Get to work and finish getting ready for my meeting this afternoon. Go through the daily schedule of classes.

2:30 Finally have my last scheduled IEP meeting for the year (fingers crossed). Love the meetings where the student is doing great, making progress, and easy to work with! Even better when supportive parents/guardians are there and trying to make a difference for their child. To top it off my student, guardian, teacher, administrator, and AEA consultant were all there, yea! A great end to some difficult meetings I've held this year! (I was going to take a pic of our conference room, but forgot to grab my camera)

3:40 Headed home to pick up Addi and spend some family time outside in the nice weather. As soon as we got home the dogs all came over to check out Addi and give her some kisses before she could even make it out of the garage.

...My buddy Trigger is a very devoted pet and is always at my side. He has now started to take interest in Addi as well, it is very sweet to watch.

...Joe fed his fish and Addi got to watch in amazement. Most of the catfish are now about 2 feet in length and seem more like pets now since we feed them and enjoy watching them.

...My family

...Our home

...Joey was letting Addi walk on the bridge and although he was right there with her the entire time my stomach turned over numerous times until I just couldn't take it anymore. I told him he was going to give me an ulcer.

...After spending time at the pond it was Addi's time to play in the rocks. Trigger was keeping a watchful eye on her. I should have put play clothes on her before this, but we didn't make it upstairs.

...Joe deciding he'd take the Polaris for a ride, but he had to get it off the trailor first

...Kodi Girl is such a sweet dog with everyone, especially Addi. Addi started to give her loves with hugs and kisses (open mouth kisses by the way). I got lots of cute pictures!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

::A Week in our Life - Day Three (4/21/10)

6:10am Got up and ready...then got Addi up and going. Joe got up and got her dressed. She went and got her coat for him so she could go to Robyn's house.

7:40am Got to school and had a pretty busy day, trying to get ready for my last major (planned) meeting of the year for one of my students.
2nd US History - Worked on maps and book assignment, then they had notes and got to watch a clip of blitzkrieg.
Homeroom - Students mostly socialized, no one wanted to do their testing today.
3rd US History - Worked on maps and book assignment, then they had notes and got to watch a clip of blitzkrieg.
4th World Geography - Students finished their itinerary for a trip to Africa to watch the World Cup
5th, 6th and 7th US History - Below is a pic of my team teacher, Kelly, going over notes from the Great Depression and New Deal powerpoint. (Kelly is 7 months preggo!)

3:45 - Left work, picked up Addi and headed for Grandma and Grandpa Aring's. Last week Grandpa bought 150 baby mallard ducks that we needed to go visit again before they got huge. Addi had so much fun!

...feeding the ducks grass

...Grandma helping Addi feed the baby ducks. Right after this shot Addi started to feel a little overwhelmed by all the ducklings and wanted out.

...then we had to go visit a few of the other birds too

...Grandma and Addi

5:30 Made supper quick, ate and picked up.

7:00pm Next was bath time, which is always Addi's absolute fav!

7:45pm Our little daredevil! She has stood all the way up without holding on before. Needless to say this has gotten taken away from her numerous times!

8:30 Bedtime routine for Addi and she is out right away. Then picked up the house some.
9:30 Jumped in the shower and got ready for bed.
10pm Did a few dishes by hand and then hit the bed.