Tuesday, January 4, 2011

::Christmas 2010 Highlights

As usual our December is packed full of holiday fun. These are some of the highlights of our Christimas season.

Adelinn sitting under our tree, watching me wrap present after present. I had to start wrapping a couple of hers because she got upset when none were for her!
Spending time with family at the Schnoebelen Christmas!

Addi kept saying "Addi turn, Addi turn" the whole time we were in line, but got real shy once she was up there. But no crying again this year!
Opening presents at the Aring Christmas!
Addi and Mommy making cookies for Santa.
Addi picked out a couple of cookies for Santa. Then she took a bite of one of them and put it back on the plate. (The next morning she also ate the crumbs Santa left behind.)
Opening presents from Santa.
Christmas at Grandma's house.

Christmas night playing with her new doll from Santa.


  1. Oh I just love her! Thanks for sharin the pics!

  2. What cute pictures -- looks like you guys had a great Christmas! I actually didn't take ONE picture during our whole Christmas -- how awful is that?!?