Wednesday, April 21, 2010

::A Week in our Life - Day Two (4/20/10)

6:13am Jumped out of bed (late as usual) and turned on the news.

6:20am Got ready for work, including putting calamine lotion on my arm where I got posion ivy from turkey hunting last week.

6:30am Got Addi up, moving and ready...Joe is still 'sick' and can't help. (By the way I say 'sick' because to me sick is something like the flu, but to Joe sick is a cold!)

7:40am Got to work and began trying to get things done and caught up...inlcuding updating my soon to expire standard teaching license to a master educator license. Then onto US History classes and homeroom in between.

Late morning - Geography students are working on planning their trip to Africa for the World Cup.

12:45 Break for lunch, it's Taco Tuesday at the Muskie Inn restuarant!

Afternoon classes - Then it's off to US History again for the afternoon. They are learning about the New Deal during the Great Depression. So they are making fold-its for their vocabulary.

3:50pm Finally done at work and heading home to pick up Adelinn so that we can hit the grocery store. (She was a major talker at the store to the point I had to start shushing her due to embarrassment :)

5:45pm Put groceries away, made supper, fed Addi, picked up supper, loaded dishwasher, and played with Addi. Joe came home and picked flowers from my hanging basket to put in Addi's hair. He showed her how to smell the flowers, which she did to the extreme. I should have recorded her smelling her flowers, it was so funny!

8pm Addi was getting tired and wanted to snuggle for a little while. Then off to start the bedtime routine with her and then myself. Joe ran to the neighbor's house and didn't get home until 10:45 so I was awake until then and of course we had to talk for awhile when he did get home. I knew I'd be tired in the morning, sounds like some caffeine will be needed for Wednesday afternoon!


  1. Awesome day and I love that Addi is talkin so much!
    Men can be such baby's when it comes to being sick. Tell Joey to buck up! :0)

  2. I like that last pic of you and Addi - She looks so tired! Hope Joe isn't still 'sick' tomorrow ;-) Poison ivy - yuk!! I can't believe I have only had a few patches and I was with Paul and Skyler when they both got it pretty bad earlier this spring! Maybe God feels I have had enough poison ivy in my life...