Monday, April 26, 2010

::A Week in our Life - Day Six (4/24/10)

8:00am Addi let me sleep in this morning, love these mornings they are much more rare! Addi and I play and watch a few music videos on CMT and then eat breakfast. Then it is off to begin cleaning the house. Addi has recently discovered our blanket rack makes an awesome fort!

9:30am I throw in some laundry and begin picking up and organizing the house.

...Addi finds my pile of (dirty) whites and decides that it looks like fun.

...Then she decides to do some cleaning herself and got the Swiffer out, all awhile adorning her laundry outfit!

Afternoon Addi and I eat lunch and then I continue to work on the house and laundry. Addi gets tired but doesn't take much of a nap.

4:30 A friend from work comes over and we head to a retirement party in Muscatine. Joey stays home with Addi. The party was fun and got to see a lot of the older retirees from previous years.

5:30 We head back home in the pouring rain and stop for gas. When I finally make it home I discover that Addi has emptied two of her dresser drawers, so much for her room being clean. She brought Joe her pink deer outfit from Grandpa and Grandma Hermann so he put it on her. the feet!

...Addi and I play around for awhile.

8:00pm Start getting Addi ready for bed. Then later Joe and I have some quiet time before deciding we are both exhausted and head for bed.


  1. What an awesome day! She just cracks me up! LOVIN the little deer cute is that!

  2. Looks like you guys were havin' fun! I gotta ask - that's not underwear wrapped around her neck, right?!? ;-)