Tuesday, April 27, 2010

::A Week in our Life - Day Seven (4/25/10)

8:10am Again Addi let us sleep in this morning. Love it! (Although I remember a day when 8am was not sleeping in! Oh how far we've come!) The three of us watched some CMT for a little while then time to get busy. Joe went out to help Lance borrow something, then he came back in to feed Addi breakfast. I cleaned the bathroom and then got ready. As I was in the bathroom the window blind broke and I yelled to Joe we were going to Menards.

10am Off to Menards to pick up a new shade for the window and a few other needed things.

11:30am We stop to look at a few vehicles and then stop at Hungry Hobo for lunch.

1:00pm Back to work on the laundry and organizing the house while Addi looks at her books. Grandma K calls and wants to come over and play with Addi because she hasn't seen her since last Saturday. Grandma K and Addi do a lot of playing and put new batteries in Addi's Easter bunny that sings, hops and dances. (Can't say I've missed that!) Addi had fun dancing along! She is also insistent that she must wear her rainbow necklace all day!

3:00pm Get signed up for my deer tags for next season! Already excited!

3:15pm Start making plans for supper while Joe is at Chucks helping with the remodeling of his house. Marinade t-bone steaks, stuffed mushrooms (our favorite), rolls, cheesy broccoli, rice and banana pudding is on the menu. Joe finally gets home a while later and we get supper put together. Then we both pick up the leftovers and get them put away.

7:00pm Time for another bath for Addi. I couldn't get her clothes off fast enough for her. She still had on a diaper and onesie as she tried to crawl over the side of the tub. I think she could do it if I let her keep going.

...She has her necklace back on before I can even get her dried off!

8pm She's ready for bed and goes down for the night.

9:00pm Take a shower and then finish cleaning up the kitchen before finally heading to bed. Joe and I spend some time together watching TV.


  1. Looks like Addi got to have fun with proud Grandma K!! I love the pic of Addi reading!!

  2. Okay, Ella & Addi need to have a play day! Lovin the necklace. Oh, & just wonderin; are you lookin for a new vehicle that you could fit another carseat in? ;0)