Friday, April 23, 2010

::A Week in our Life - Day Four (4/22/10)

6:10 Up and moving, Addi wakes up and Joe gets up with her so I can finish getting ready. A quick breakfast and we are off.

...Besides Addi and her diaper bag, I grab my purse, ice water for the day and phone on the way out the door to drop her off.

7:45 Get to work and finish getting ready for my meeting this afternoon. Go through the daily schedule of classes.

2:30 Finally have my last scheduled IEP meeting for the year (fingers crossed). Love the meetings where the student is doing great, making progress, and easy to work with! Even better when supportive parents/guardians are there and trying to make a difference for their child. To top it off my student, guardian, teacher, administrator, and AEA consultant were all there, yea! A great end to some difficult meetings I've held this year! (I was going to take a pic of our conference room, but forgot to grab my camera)

3:40 Headed home to pick up Addi and spend some family time outside in the nice weather. As soon as we got home the dogs all came over to check out Addi and give her some kisses before she could even make it out of the garage.

...My buddy Trigger is a very devoted pet and is always at my side. He has now started to take interest in Addi as well, it is very sweet to watch.

...Joe fed his fish and Addi got to watch in amazement. Most of the catfish are now about 2 feet in length and seem more like pets now since we feed them and enjoy watching them.

...My family

...Our home

...Joey was letting Addi walk on the bridge and although he was right there with her the entire time my stomach turned over numerous times until I just couldn't take it anymore. I told him he was going to give me an ulcer.

...After spending time at the pond it was Addi's time to play in the rocks. Trigger was keeping a watchful eye on her. I should have put play clothes on her before this, but we didn't make it upstairs.

...Joe deciding he'd take the Polaris for a ride, but he had to get it off the trailor first

...Kodi Girl is such a sweet dog with everyone, especially Addi. Addi started to give her loves with hugs and kisses (open mouth kisses by the way). I got lots of cute pictures!


  1. Addi is growing up so fast! I love the pic of her and dad on the bridge and the one of your house - they turned out great!!

  2. Awesome pictures Meg! Love the ones of Joey & Addi by the pond!