Tuesday, April 20, 2010

::A Week in our Life - Day One (4/19/10)

So I decided this year to take the Ali Edwards Week in the Life Challenge. I didn't do it last year, but enjoyed seeing everyone else's daily lives. I didn't really start with photos until I got to work. Already to a slow start, might not be a good sign...

6:10am Got up...late again. Got myself ready and then got Adelinn up and ready (Since Joe is 'sick' still).

6:55am Out the door and on the way to drop Addi off at Robyn's.
7:35am Got to work, checked my email and tried to start getting a multitude of stuff done. My desk is always a disaster this time of the year.

Morning - Checked lesson plans and found that the WWII packets are ready for next week.

Went to morning US History classes - they worked on WWII Europe and Pacific Maps...then off to Geography where the student teacher presented a powerpoint about Africa and the slave trade.

Afternoon classes - Students turned in their RAFT writing assignment to be graded and began working hard to finish their Great Depression Graphs and Questions in groups.

4:30pm Headed home with a terrible headache to play with Addi...she wanted us to play with her shoes! Wondered why she had different pants on than what I sent her in this morning...hmmm...

5:30pm Checked out the view from our deck of our five new trees we planted yesterday.

6:30pm Ate leftovers from last night. Mad that Joe ate the last of the ice cream, but had to let him because he is 'sick'.

7:30pm Addi and I went outside to feed the "doggies". Addi watched a plane in the sky and was of course fascinated.

8:15pm Got Addi ready for bed and then put her down for the night.

9:30pm Took shower, put dishes away and hit the bed.


  1. I'm so glad you're doing this Meg! Did your students wonder why you had your camera in class? :0)
    Love the trees along the drive way!

  2. Megan, I promised them I was only taking feet and hands, but they still have trouble acting natural!

  3. It is so fun to get an "inside glimpse" of everyone else's lives. Those trees look great!